The Loves, Lies and Tribulations of Amanda (alandra) wrote,
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Sweet merciful crap

Ahhhh, back into that nostalgic feeling all over again. Isn't it funny how one simple song can immediately bring you back in time? It's my own fault I guess for listening to this CD- it has a lot of songs I'll always remember on it. It's not a completely sad feeling- more wistful, wishing for things to go back to the way they were. Over the course of this year and all the things that happened, I died several times and was resurrected all over again (all in a metaphorical sense , of course.) The person I was will never live again and the person I am now will some time along the line also die. A few people have a lot to do with the person I've become. I'm sorry for rambling like this, if you knew the full story you'd probably agree. But I'm sure this mood will pass quickly, I'll feel better when I wake up...I hope...
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