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Song survey!

song that....
[1] makes you want to dance: Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
[2] makes you happy: Skater Boy- Avril Lavigne
[3] reminds you of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend: Here Is Gone- Goo Goo Dolls
[4] reminds you of an ex-friend: U Got It Bad- Usher
[5] makes you cry: There Is- Boxcar Racer
[6] makes you laugh: Bounce- System of a Down
[7] makes you ponder life: Everybody Hurts- REM
[8] you never want to hear again: anything by the Tragically Hip
[9] you once loved but got sick of: In The End- Linkin Park
[10] you love by a band/artist you hate: Porcelain- Moby
[11] you sheepishly admit to liking: anything by Avril Lavigne
[12] you'd do anything to see played live: anything by Dashboard
[13] reminds you of your childhood: American Pie
[14] some teenage years: Save Yourself- Sensefield
[15] most people like: Dirrty- Christina Agulera
[16] you love the lyrics of: There Is- BCR, Hands Down- Dashboard Confessional, The Sweetest Thing- U2
[17] you used to hate but now love: I Feel So- Boxcar Racer
[18] cd you have in your car: we don't have a cd player :(
[19] you like to fall asleep to: Hands Down- Dashboard Confessional
[20] you like to wake up to: One Last Breath- Creed
[21] you like out of your parents records: U2, Led Zepplin, Aerosmith
[22] you love that you wouldn't know it if it wasn't for a friend: ATWA- System of a Down
[23] you love the video more than the tune: Anti-Pop- Matthew Good Band
[24] is good to listen to while holding hands: Somewhere Out There -OLP
[25] makes you think of sex: Hands Down- DC or Save Yourself- Sensefield
[26] you love to hear at clubs: I hate club music
[27] is not your "typical type" of style but you love anyway: Slam Harder- Onyx
[28] reminds you of your siblings: -
[29] reminds you of the one you want but can't have: I have the only one I want
[30] you can sing really well: Leaving On A Jet Plane- Chantal Kreviazuk
[31] you love which is instrumental: ummmm...none really
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