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User Number: 400626
Date Created:2001-11-24
Number of Posts: 105

Amanda is a cynical, somewhat jaded 14 year old girl who writes and listens to music constantly. She loves OLP especially, as well as Goo Goo Dolls and Dashboard Confessional. LotR are her favourite books, and she adores Sauron because he's the evil, sadistic and dominating. She is submissive and likes everything unusual and exciting.
Strengths: Intelligent, musical, creative, a good writer, pleasant to people she first meets, mellow, intense
Weaknesses: Distrusting, talking at inappropriate times, too cynical, picky, demanding, impatient
Special Skills: Writing, understanding people, composing songs, good with bus schedules, memorizing useless information, worshipping OLP and LotR, making people think
Weapons: Angry glare, two fists, long wooden stick, sharp tongue
Life Philosophy: "No Regrets."

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Taken from girlwho's LJ.

Oh yes, and that picture really is me. I look freaky in it, because of a) the insanely happy smile and b) the black-white-red theme going on.
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