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News, news, news

Well, for starters, I got my schedule in the mail yesterday. Here's what classes I'm taking:

Semester 1-

Pd. 1- Civics/Career Studies
Pd. 2- Instrumental Music
Pd. 3- Lunch (it's a common lunch this year, oh the chaos!)
Pd. 4- French
Pd. 5- English

Semester 2-
Pd. 1- History
Pd. 2- Science
Pd. 3- Lunch
Pd. 4- Beginning Winds (learn a new instrument)
Pd. 5- Math

I'm thinking about dropping the French for a Communications or a Drama course, because I really don't like the teacher I have and I was having second thought about taking it anyway. Hopefully I can switch it without rearranging my entire schedule. I still have to call some people and ask them what they have.

I slept over at Gwen's house last night, we slept out in a tent in her backyard, it was fun, although we almost landed ourselves into major shit >:P Thankfully nothing bad happened though. We stayed up the entire night (well I did anyway, she slept for about 2 hours), so I've been up since 10:00 am on Friday (going on 28 straight hours without sleep and no coffee!) Surprisingly enough, I'm not even that tired. I usually feel more tired when I only get a few hours sleep.

This morning we went and got tickets for Matthew Good (he's coming here in September! Yay!) Bif Naked's opening for him I think which is cool cause I don't mind her music. I'm sorry, but am I the only one who thinks that Matt Good has a certain...sexual appeal about him? *cowers and hides* I want to make a shirt for the concert that says, "I hear Matt Good's a real attractive man" ^_~ Hehehehe.

Well that's all in my life as to date, I'm trying to stay up for the entire day today, so we'll see how long I can last without sleep.
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